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Hand / Roller Baskets

Hand / Roller Baskets

Customers that aren’t looking to use a wheeled Shopping Cart will love your store’s Hand & Roller Baskets. Our vendors provide a durable, easily maintained and comfortable solution for your store.

Hand Baskets

Lightweight and durable, our baskets are made to resist aging and cracking; made with high density polyethylene. The smooth sides and rounded corners will not snag, while small objects are kept in the basket by the dense rib spacing on the bottom. 

  • Material: High Performance Polypropylene

  • Dimensions: Top: 18″L x 12″W x 8.75″H. Bottom: 15.75″L x 9.75″W 

  • Capacity: 1,386 cubic inches (about 23 liters), 125 lbs. max. 

  • Weight: 2 lbs. 

  • Handles: Metal Handles with Black PVC Comfort Sleeves Standard 

  • Packaging: Sold in cartons of 12 units or in sets of 12 baskets with 1 sign and 1 metal stand. 

  • Customizable store name or logo imprinting available at an additional cost

The Roller Basket

A shopping aide for use in all size retail stores. The Roller Basket resembles a conventional hand basket and can be carried in the same hand-held fashion, but as it becomes too heavy with purchases, it can be rolled along the floor using its telescopic handle. 

  • Material: top quality recyclable polypropylene

  • Dimensions: 22.83″L 13.39″W 14.17″H 

  • Wheels are made from polyurethane: 2 fixed+ 2 revolving wheels 

  • Standard colors available: green, blue, red, black 

  • Capacities: 32L or 54L

With a range of colors available with an option for your store logo or name printed right on them, you’ll be sure to find a stylish & effective hand basket that matches your brand and decor.



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