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Zummo Juicers

Zummo Juicers

ZUMMO juicers are like no other juicer on the market today. Their patented squeezing system localizes the juicing process and creates the most flavorful product. Zummo juicers are the perfect addition to your grocery store, restaurant, café or convenience store.

Top of the Line Product

Yield: Zummo juicers extract at least 15% more juice than any other brand, making Zummo the most profitable citrus juicer on the market. 

Show: Zummo juicers offer the instant “Wow!” factor. These are the only machines on the market that allow the entire juicing process to be seen, attracting customers and encouraging consumption. 

Fruit variety: Our machines can handle all kinds of citrus including oranges, tangerines, limes, lemons as well as smaller grapefruit and pomegranates. 

Quality You Can Trust

Warranty: Full warranty of 3 years or 200,000 cycles. Ease of operating: Operator can pre-program the number of squeezed fruit per glass. Just push one button and the glass is full without any overflow. 

Ease of cleaning: The design of our Zummo machines is focused on ease of cleaning. The entire process of cleaning is approximately 3-4 minutes as opposed to 10-15 minutes for our competitors. 

Service: 16/7 phone technical support for our customers. Our network of service centers is the most extensive and well trained in the country. 

Certification: All Zummo juicing and vending equipment is NSF and UL certified.

Why Zummo? Simply...the TASTE! Most other citrus juicers on the market spray juice all over the skin of the fruit, which contaminates the drink with bitter oils and pesticides. With Zummo there is no crushed peel or seeds and no juice overflow onto the peel. In addition, no wax, zest, pesticides or inorganic exterior material ever come in contact with the juice produced.



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