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AES has can help you source check-out counters in metal or wood, belted or unbelted and some that can be found in some of the most globally known retailers, with unique configurations that are perfect for any store layout.

Scan and Bag / Pass

The Scan and Bag / Pass platform provides versatility by incorporating functionality into a single unit. As a result, cashiers can change operationg style to coincide with fluctuating traffic flow.

Belted Checkouts

The most versatile Checkout for all store sizes and formats. Designed with a gravity sloped rear accumulation deck, this system provides bagging flexibility.

Multi-Belted Checkouts

State of the art dual or tri-belted Checkouts for moderate to high volume retailers. This checkout system provides high throughput and a sound ergonomic environment. Customer participation in the bagging process allows the cashier to divide and process multiple orders.

Non-Belted Checkouts

When a simple counter is all you need, we can provide a solution that is unique and stylish, and above all functional.

Your store’s front-end is often the first and the last thing your customers see. Make an impact with these solutions for your checkout and store fixture needs.



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