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Cooler & Freezer Glass Display Doors

Cooler & Freezer Glass Display Doors

Thermoseal glass doors combine the latest technology, premium materials, and design features to meet the demanding requirements of Supermarket, Restaurant and Convenience Store Industries.

Thermoseal 1400

The 1400 is our most trusted design, providing exceptional thermal protection and durability, while looking great. Built for a superior visual product display, the Thermoseal 1400 is known for easy installation & service with quick connect pre-wired lighting and interconnecting frame sections. Features include: 

  • Energy efficient 3-pane, argon glass pack 

  • Quick connect pre-wired lighting

  • Widely compatible for replacement of full-systems and components (Net Clear Openings, door dimensions & shelving hook points) 

  • Best in class Thermoseal Pureview LEDs 

  • Available in narrow, wide and flat rail

Quality You Can Trust

Since 1954, Thermoseal has produced about 150,000 Insulating Glass Units (IGU) per year. That means consistency, providing a great product time and time again.

Available with a wide variety of options and finishes, Thermoseal doors make excellent replacement options for your existing glass doors, offering the same NCO’s, door dimensions & shelving hook points of leading competitor brands, with component level and full system replacement compatibility.



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