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Dunnage Racks

Dunnage Racks

Our SureStack™ Dunnage Racks manufactured by Forte are designed to keep merchandise off the floor, help to lower labor costs, improve store safety, reduce store clutter and make stores more appealing while giving sales a great boost.

Quality You Can Trust

Rotationally Molded 

Durable, UV stabilized polyethylene, will not chip or corrode 

Versatility Plus 

Use in walk-in coolers, freezers, receiving dock, kitchen, storage and food preparation areas. 

SureStack™ Feature 

Corner stackability feature keeps Racks in line and secure during storage and transport 

Low Maintenance 

Easily cleaned with power washers 

Arched Design Feature 

Superior strength and weight capabilities 

Superior Air Flow System 

Helps prevent condensation and bacteria build up 

Smooth, Radiused Corners 

Promotes employee safety; reduces potential bag puncture

Dunnage Racks can be a versatile tool for your business to meet various needs of your store.



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