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Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Zero Zone has been a leader in refrigeration systems and electrical control innovations for over 40 years. By listening to their customers, both contractors and end users, Zero Zone has continuously reinvented its products through state-of-the-art engineering, custom-tailored to each application.

Distributed Refrigeration Systems

Zero Zone Edge™ distributed systems offer flexibility to your system design. 

The Zero Zone Edge™ distributed refrigeration system is the only system that provides pre-piping of liquid dryers and suction filters, which simplifies and lowers the cost of installation. 

Edge™ distributed refrigeration systems are available in vertical or horizontal models and can be configured to meet retailers’ precise specifications.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Not only do Zero Zone CO2 refrigeration systems minimize environmental impact, but they can significantly reduce the HFC refrigerant required for cooling, generating a much smaller carbon footprint for retailers.

Since CO2 systems use less HFC refrigerants than traditional direct expansion systems, CO2 can greatly minimize the possibility of refrigerant leaking. 

Zero Zone CO2 refrigeration systems can reduce leak potential by as much as 20% compared to traditional refrigeration systems. Minimized refrigerant leaks contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Glycol Refrigeration Systems

Glycol secondary cooling systems are gaining a foothold in the industry and are known for decreasing catastrophic refrigerant leaks. They use earth-friendly chilled natural refrigerants to help remove heat from display cases rather than relying solely on traditional refrigerants typically used in direct expansion systems.

Condensing Unit Skids

Built with the structural integrity you would expect from any Zero Zone Refrigeration System, retailers have the ability to customize their skid’s design to meet their needs. We offer a variety of configurations, including horizontal, vertical, stackable, and multiple unit sizes dependent on load requirements and applications.

Parallel and Outdoor Parallel Racks

Zero Zone Parallel Rack Systems are available with reciprocating, screw, or scroll compressors, giving retailers more options than ever.   

Our Parallel Rack Systems are outfitted with highly efficient compressors that run in parallel to match refrigeration, maximizing energy efficiency. Instead of taking up precious space for a refrigeration system or in a back room, retailers may choose to install an enclosed parallel rack refrigeration system on a concrete pad or on the roof.   

Available with hinged or removable panels, contractors are safely protected from the weather and can conveniently access all interior components.

Zero Zone commercial refrigeration systems are well known for the integrity of their design, their ease of installation and maintenance, and the high level of personalized service and support that come standard with every system.



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