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Floraline Floral Displays

Floraline Floral Displays

Our refrigerated floral cases from Floraline Display offer advanced design features that provide unmatched superiority in styling, performance and durability. Floraline's patented self-watering/self-cleaning system reduces shrink of floral bouquets and cut flowers, saving your store money while keeping your flowers looking great.

Low Profile Floral Fixtures

The low profile fixtures from Floraline will give your customers a counter height presentation of color and fresh appeal, traditionally incorporated into service counters or anywhere you need to maintain sight lines. The open design will drive an easy impulse purchase from your customers.

Island Display

The Floraline Island Display fixture has a unique 360 degree display and shopping experience with steps for dry floral display.

Tall Profile - FloralWall ®

This fixture will give your customers a dramatic presentation of color and fresh appeal from across the store. These refrigerated fixtures are available in either hard working cold display or our patented self-watering option.

Door Case

There are many options available to create the perfect door case for you. 

  • Tempered Glass or powder coated, angled bucket shelving options available 

  • Laminate, bumper and trim options to match your interior 

  • Back wall options: Mirrored slat wall or Powder coat black 

  • End panel choices: Insulated Glass, Solid Panel or Inset Thermal Pane

  • LED Lighting: Overhead and in door

  • Styleline Doors: Many styles and surface finishes. 

  • Remote or Self-Contained Refrigeration.

After more than 25 years, Floraline Display Products is still on the cutting edge of product development, performance and quality.



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