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Shopping Cart Pushout Prevention

Shopping Cart Pushout Prevention

Shoplifting is often unnoticed. Without seeing it, a fortune disappears from your supermarket every year. With Check Out Security you prevent expensive products from disappearing through the entrances and exits. Our solution is an ‘invisible’ security.

Apprehend Merchandise

Automatic locking wheels stop your merchandise from ever leaving the store, making recovery quick and keeping your shelves full.

Safer Stops

With an automated pushout prevention system, confrontation-free stops are the norm reducing the opportunities for violence lowering liability and litigation costs.

Uncovering the Real Problem

Gain insight to the real scope and frequency of pushout theft both high and low value theft.

More Sales

Stopping carts from shelf clearing thefts leaves more merchandise available for your paying customers.

Check Out Security prevents theft from your store. Each shopping cart is registered upon entry and the cart can only leave the store if it passes the check out.



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