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Hot Food Service Cases

Hot Food Service Cases

Get it while it’s hot! And it will always be hot with the array of hot food bars we can source for you. Designs can be walk-around or single-sided with your choice of canopy and lighting and surfaces can be brushed or mirrored stainless, corian®, granite or quartz.

Soup Bars

Choose to have a stand-alone soup fixture with the most popular “oval” or “football” shape, a square or rectangle or anything you can imagine. Many of the soup bars are ends to either hot or salad bar fixtures. You can choose between 7 or 11 quart wells in thermostat or induction.

Wing Bars

Available in 4, 5 & 6 pan lengths with Stainless steel countertop and Stainless steel or solid surface canopy top, solid flat front, overhead heat lamps and controls on front or rear of case.

Hot Food Bars

  • Custom lengths, depths and features 

  • Stainless steel counter-top 

  • Custom color, solid surface or stainless steel canopy top - Lift-up tempered glass food guard 

  • Overhead heat lamps 

  • Dry rear storage 

  • Controls on front or rear of case 

  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs

Let us know what you are looking for in size, color, form and function and we can work with our vendor to design exactly what will work for you.



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