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Produce & Perishable Food Fixtures

Produce & Perishable Food Fixtures

Whether you are looking for a contemporary, modern look or the appeal of being in a farmers market, we'll provide you with the most comprehensive line of fixtures and accessories to maximize your merchandising space.

Ultra-durable produce displays are designed to showcase fruits and vegetables for maximum pack out.

Quality You Can Trust

Heavy-duty construction allows for high load tolerances of heavy produce, while features like foam padding protects products from the everyday handling of merchandise.

Customized for Your Needs

We offer the largest range of stains and finishes on the market, with hundreds of colors to match any new design or existing store décor.

Many Offerings to Choose From

Our product line includes: 

  • Orchard Bins (refrigerated and non-refrigerated) 

  • Eurotables & Accessories 

  • Nesting Tables 

  • Classic and Gourmet Endcaps 

  • Island Units 

  • Wide variety of Display Carts & Canopy Carts 

  • Wooden Sled Merchandisers 

  • Produce Wall Merchandisers

  • Merchandising Crates & Crate Dollies 

  • Banana Trees 

  • Watermelon Platforms 

  • A-Frame Displays

Our vendor offers a full range of produce fixtures that are as fresh as the product they display.



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